Production is up and running

If you’ve followed our production journey from the very beginning you know where we’ve started. After our creative conception phase we produced and built dozens of handcrafted dits sets, improving them over and over again. We’re very proud we got the current state of quality after so many improvement iterations.

In the past months the automated process started and started to run heavily. So the days of our handmade dits sets are over. Long live the machine-made process. In the meanwhile we’ve already produced almost 60.000 dits sets that are ready to be sold. Or were, since a lot of them already are sold.

We’re stepping up another level and increase our production line to be able to produce even more dits sets within a shorter amount of time. Right now the next batch of dits sets will be produced on April 7th at latest. We’re doing our best to accelerate this process and produce even sooner. Until then we do have quite a stock, so please don’t hesitate to buy your own personal dits set and support our creative journey.

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