Sketching and idea fetching

How does the perfect phone case look like? Colorful and thick or rather tight and simple? That’s the point: It doesn’t matter. Or more precisely, you decide every aspect of it!

So we’ve started to do some sketches and brainstorm about all the ideas for the realization of the final product. With the help of graphic artists, industrial designers and our product managers, the sole focus of the entire process was to create a solid base for our first prototype. And we did it! A few weeks later we were proud of our newest creation: the first dits prototype. Find more information on that in the next blog post.

Zunächst am Papier, dann am Computer und zuletzt erste Sketches mit Knetmasse.
First on paper, then on the computer and last but not least we did some sketching with the actual mass. Further improvements for the texture of the mass will follow soon.

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